Below is a list of frequently asked questions for the Rusty Monkey PvE server. If you have specific questions about common commands for use in game, be sure to check out COMMANDS


How do I connect to the server?

To connect to our Rust server, open the game and click on the "Servers" tab. Search for our server by name or IP address, then click "Connect" to join.

What is the server's IP address and port?

To join the server directly, you can hit F1 in your Rust client, switch over to the CONSOLE, and type 'client.connect' (without the single quotes).

What's the wipe schedule for the Rusty Monkey PvE server?

The Rusty Monkey PvE server wipes 2x month. The server follows the official Facepunch forced wipe cycle and wipes on the first Thursday of each month between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm Eastern Time (UTC -5:00 / -4:00). In addition, the Rusty Monkey rolls out a 2nd map and wipes BACKPACKs on the third Thursday, again between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm Eastern Time (UTC -5:00 / -4:00). On one of these wipes, the goal is to roll out a custom map (third week); the other map will be procedural (forced wipe).

Are there server rules? Where can I find them?

Yes, we have server rules in place to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. You can find our server rules listed on our website, in game by typing '/rules', or in the Discord server under the "Rules" section.

Are there community guidelines I should be aware of?

Yes, we have community guidelines in place to promote a positive and respectful gaming environment. These guidelines cover topics such as behavior, language, and player interactions. You can find the detailed guidelines on our website (see the RULES section), in game by typing '/info' in chat, or in our Discord server.


I logged out in a safe zone. why did I die?

Players who log out in a safe zone (Outpost, Bandit Camp, etc.) are automatically killed after 20 minutes. This is a vanilla Rust feature, not a server modification. If you log out in a safe zone, you have to reconnect within that timeframe, or you will die and respawn randomly.

How long will items exist before they despawn?

The despawn time depends on the item. Higher quality items take one hour to despawn and lower quality items can despawn in 20 minutes. Many of the despawn times are listed on Rustlabs.com. Here's an example: https://rustlabs.com/item/crossbow

Why are the NPCs on this server so freaking hard?

We strive to create an engaging and challenging gaming experience on our Rust server, and the difficulty of the NPCs is intentional. Here are a few reasons why the NPCs may appear difficult:

While we acknowledge that the difficulty level may not suit everyone's preferences, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any specific concerns or suggestions regarding the NPC difficulty on our PvE server, we encourage you to share them with us on our Discord. We value the input of our players and continuously strive to refine and enhance the gaming experience based on community feedback.


What Plugins are installed on Rusty Monkey?

The list of plugins (a.k.a mods) installed on Rusty Monkey fluctuates monthly, sometimes weekly, depending on what new features become available and what conflicts come up. Generally, Flint maintains a list of approximately 100-150 plugins at any given time. This drives Integra crazy, because the more modifications there are, the harder it is to support and troubleshoot conflicts. View a list of the player-facing plugins on the server via the MODS page.

Are there server-specific commands or features I should know about?

Yes, we have implemented dozens of server-specific commands and features to enhance gameplay and provide additional convenience. You can find a list of these commands and features in game. Type, '/info' and look under the "Commands" section.

What does voting for the server do?

Your vote plays a vital role in helping us grow and provide you with the best Rust experience possible. More importantly, you get rewards for voting! It's quick and easy. Follow the steps here

What are skill points and what can I do with them?

Rusty Monkey uses a plugin called SkillTree to reward players for playing on the server. This plugin adds a character progression system in the form of a leveling and skill tree system. Players gain experience by cutting trees, mining rocks, killing NPCs, and more, and are rewarded with skill points when they level up. These points can be used to unlock perks and buffs across a number of different skill trees.

Type /st to access the skill trees and spend your points.

I maxed out the Maintenance skill buff in SkillTree and my weapons still lose durability during a Raidable Base raid. Why?

For the Easy, Medium, and Hard Raidable Bases, your weapons should not lose durability. However, the Expert and Nightmare raids are supposed to be challenging and require planning. For these levels, plan to lose durability in the weapons you use and bring enough to complete the raid.

How do I purchase vehicle licenses (and personal vehicles)?

Rusty Monkey gives you the option to purchase reusable vehicles in two ways using in-game economics (Reward Points). Available vehicles include:

You can spawn/despawn them whenever you need them.

They two ways to purchase personal vehicles are as follows:

Are there any limitations or restrictions on building?

We have certain building limitations to maintain server performance and prevent excessive griefing. Please refer to our server rules or guidelines for specific information on building restrictions.

How do I build a floating water base?

Rusty Monkey uses a plugin called "Water Bases", which allows players to build ON THE WATER. For instructions on how to build floating bases, check out this video, starting at the 10:09 minute mark.

My furnaces keep turning off. Why?

There's a plugin on Rusty Monkey called Night Lantern that allows you to automate turning on items that give off light and heat at night. By defuault, it turns the below entities on at sunset and off at sunrise. You can customize this via commands. Type, '/commands' in chat to see the list in game or use the following as a reference:


Is there an active administration team? How can I contact them?

Sort of? The Rusty Monkey is a part-time gig for souls who enjoy playing. We've set up the server with a lot of plugins that monitor behavior and prevent cheating. If you need assistance or want to report a player, you can contact our admins by joining our Discord server and reaching out to the designated channels.

Can I suggest new features/Plugins for Rusty Monkey? HOW?

Absolutely!! To suggest new features or improvements for Rusty Monkey, add your suggestion to the #help-feedback channel on Discord. Before you hit submit, please:

Make sure you take into account the feasibility and impact of implementing your suggestion. Consider technical limitations, resource requirements, and how the addition would align with the server's overall vision and gameplay balance. If there is an opportunity for discussion or feedback on feature suggestions, actively participate in the conversations. Respond to comments, answer questions, and provide additional context to further refine and strengthen your suggestion.

Note that Rusty Monkey does not have a team of server administrators and developers. Be patient and understand that not all suggestions may be implemented due to various factors beyond technical limitations, server policies, or feasibility.

By suggesting features for Rusty Monkey, you contribute to its growth and development. Your input can help shape the future updates and improvements, making the gameplay experience more enjoyable for the entire community.

There’s a problem with the map. Can you fix it?

The Rusty Monkey PvE often uses custom maps, some of which are created by other map developers. If you find an issue (for example, a hole in the terrain or zipline dropping you below the map and causing the server to kick you, train tracks not aligned and allowing carts to pass, etc.), please make note of the location (coordinates preferred) and log in in the #help-feedback channel on Discord.

I think someone is cheating. How do I report them?

If you suspect a player of cheating, consider reporting them in-game using F7 and clicking "Report A Player" in the top right. If the player is legitimately cheating or hacking, then this helps FacePunch and EAC to take action against the player.

If you suspect that someone is cheating or engaging in unfair gameplay on the server, it's important to take appropriate action. Here are some general steps you can follow to report a potential cheater:

Remember, it's essential to follow the specific guidelines set by the server's administrators or moderators and not accuse others directly. By reporting cheaters, you help maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players.